Friday, July 24, 2015

A View of the Porch, Fairy Gardens, & A Tobacco Hornworm

This is our very favorite place to be in the summer. It's 
comfortable and cozy. There's a settee for sleeping, a table 
for eating, and rocking chairs for relaxing. What more can
you ask for. It's our go to spot for wine and conversation,
and when the kids are home, this is where you'll find us.
Mornings you'll find me just sitting, listening to the birds,
gathering my thoughts and planning the day. Nature is all
around me, and I can see my entire garden space from this 
porch, so blog posting here provides inspiration. Enjoy!

"How shall we beguile the lazy time if not with some delight?"
                                                     William Shakespeare

Here she is, another charming lady of the garden, Miss Porcha.
My, I believe she loves the color red. All decked out, ready to
show us around her domain. Love the red boots!

And Sam has his spot, right where he can see us, and take off
after the squirrels.

Sam, a little nap thyme, but has
the ball just in case you want to

I think someone is here to visit…

Thyme for 2 more Fairy Gardens.. the one below is in a concrete
planter that belonged to my Dad. It's very old and sits at the side
of the driveway. The other one is in a flower bed just off the patio.

Had to share this picture of the Tobacco Hornworm. Ron and I 
found it while picking grape cherry tomatoes. The next evening 
I found 2 more. Yes, it will defoliate tomato plants very quickly. 
They don't like the heat of the sun, so will be on the interior of 
the plant, and in the early evening work toward the outside. 
What distinguishes it from the tomato hornworm is the red horn 
on its rear. One source says it "packs a whallop" with the sting
of the horn. The damage begins midsummer and will continue
throughout the growing season. Pick it off, drop it in water, or
snip it in half. Should rototill your soil after harvest to to get rid
of any pupae that might be there. I'm on the alert folks. Find
more info on Google.

Thanks for stopping by.


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