Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review # 4 and Let's Look at Herbs

A sweet little book, I found at Anthropologie. A
lot of information and tips, advice and techniques
put together with quotes, delightful photos and
sown together with some garden history. You can
be a brand new gardener or an experienced one and
you would love this book. Topics abound including
Going To Seed, The Home Herbalist, Watch The
Birdie, to Grow Your Own and Cutting Edge. So
if you want to bone up on garden terms, make a
bird house, rejuvenate your existing garden or
plan a new one, this gem of a book will delight
without being overly wordy. A fun book, this
one gets an A+ from me.


Don't you love herbs. They are a 
most useful plant. Grown for use in  
the kitchen (flavor, seasoning), for  
essential oil (fragrance, aroma  
therapy), medicinal (for medicine, 
remedies), for beauty (bouquets, 
crafts),  and for spiritual use
(related to culture and tradition), 
herbs are a great addition for 
your garden or container.
I want to explore many wonderful
herbs over the next several posts  
with you, so let's start with...yep 
you guessed it…..

A perennial herb from the mint family. There are many
varieties , Silver, Lemon, Garden, and the whole herb is used, fresh and dried. Typically cultivated in gardens for culinary use you can also use in landscaping by planting several for a lawn "carpet" effect.  Studies are being done with Thyme for its potential health benefits. See ( It has a pungent minty, light-lemon aroma and the lemon variety has a 
stronger lemon scent. It grows easily, likes the sun and dried thyme should be stored in a cool, dark place for no longer than 6 months. It pairs well with pasta, meatloaf, egg dishes and poultry. As with all herbs, cut from them frequently..use & share.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme,
Remember me to the one who lives there,
She once was a true love of mine.
                             (English folk song)                     


Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberries, Buy Local, and Summer Thyme

When you live in my town and it's summer,
one very big thing comes to mind…..
why we even made it into Midwest Living
magazine one year. A 3 day event, its been
happening since 1977. So strawberries have
to be mentioned. I always go to to our farm
market, Fulton's, to purchase my berries.
My family likes them sliced over shortcakes
with whipped cream, delicious. I take a
couple of quarts, slice them in a big bowl
and squeeze several for the juice (put the
squeezed part in the bowl too), add water
to cover the berries, add sugar or sweetener
and put them in the refrigerator for a few
days. Stir every day, taste and add more                                                          
sugar if needed. Wonderful over cake,
ice cream or simply by themselves.
Most communities offer some kind of farm
market. Why shop there? Many reasons
 come to mind. Seasonal, fresh, typically
picked that day, foods at their peak in flavor
and nutrition. You're supporting your local
farmers and helping the economy. You're
protecting the environment, shorter distance
for transport, less packaging (less trash too),
organic options are available, and how about
variety, ever try rhubarb, makes a great pie.
Another great reason, you'll find fresh baked
goods. So savor the season, nourish your
family, connect with your community!

Now let's talk  SUMMER THYME…..
* going to baseball games
* riding bikes
* picnics and grilling out
* watermelon, ice cream cones
* freshly cut grass
* the beach, swimming pools
* daisies, butterflies, lightening bugs
* porch swings and rockers
* fresh garden ripe tomatoes
* 4th of July and fireworks
* convertible rides
* vacation time with family 
Oh my I could go on…don't you just feel
good!!! Outside everyone, have lots of
fun's summer thyme!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Snake Update and A Hummingbird


        GOT HIM!!!          

Jack Barnes of Wildlife Control came to my rescue. This intruder 
in my perennial garden was haunting me. Slithering around, the
snake just staked a claim, yep going nowhere. Openly basking in
the sunshine, I could easily walk up to it and well...didn't care.
Stronger action was called for. As I Googled, I discovered an
ad for wildlife removal. You name it. Jack will catch it and haul
it away. He had a raccoon he had caught earlier in a cage. Felt
such relief. I had my garden back. AND, Jack informs me, this
was a big (3 foot) female snake, about to have ALOT of babies.  
OMG! My mind was reeling with the possibilities. Whew!! Take
it away Jack! And thank you. Here's Jack's web site if you're
ever in need.      

This is my kind of sweet wildlife..

My first hummingbird picture, the feeder right by the patio. He's
been showing up at 10:30am and 8:30pm. Keep you posted.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hello Garden Thyme Dads, yep this is your day, and we want you to enjoy!                                          
We want you to know we always appreciate
what you do for us!


So DAD from your children, we send you LOVE and a big HUG!

From Shakira and Ben

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Diana's Garden Thyme

Hi friends. With first video done, went in the yard for a second attempt.
So here's a view of part of the garden. I wish the wind had been blowing
a little bit more so you could of heard the chimes. Remember when the
video done, hit the REFRESH button in the browser to bring back the
above picture and you're set to go again.
Enjoy. I'm so excited to bring you more!!!

Sam "the Pug" Playing In The Leaves

Hello Friends and welcome to my first video as part of GARDEN
THYME WITH DIANA. Who better to introduce this than Sam
(the Pug). Heather, my blog mentor, has been here all afternoon.
Yes, "classroom" time again. Tap on the video to play. When
finished you will see other videos pictured….ignore them and to bring
my video back, just tap on the REFRESH symbol located in the BROWSER.
I'm hoping to include a garden video with audio now and again for your
viewing and listening pleasure. Bear with me folks, still working on my
Will get back to you on my "snake in the garden" and I will have a new
book to review as well.
Stop back for a visit!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Cookie Recipe, Fairy Gardens and A Snake!

Friend Marian delivered Oatmeal Chocolate
Chip cookies. They are delicious. Note the
picture, Ron had quite a snack. See
EARTHLY DELIGHTS for new recipe.
I have finally finished putting together my
outdoor fairy gardens and I promised I
would share.

Fairy gardens are fun, you're only
limited by your imagination. Your
local garden centers now all seem
to have the miniature items and
show displays as well. Check online
for miniature garden websites.

Sam is visiting for a few days and while outside roaming he discovered frogs
in the window well AND a snake in my perennial garden at the Frog Hut site.
It seems this garter (?) snake has found a home. With all our rain recently,
he's discovered a new spot not only to sun himself but live in the Hut and feast
on the poor frogs. OK, I have to tell you I was just weeding on my hands and
knees, in this very garden the day before yesterday. Well, Sam wanted to
"investigate" a little further…I had to restrain and we backed away slowly.
What am I going to do? I need to discuss this with Ron and then Google
garter snakes. We took Sam for a walk and guess what, snake is still there,
sunning himself on the pebbles. The frogs in the window well are easy,
Ron has to get in there and just pick them out. No, we are not feeding them
to the snake. ( Note the Frog hut area and snake tail below.)


I will keep you posted!!!!
Anyone with knowledge
of garter snakes, please

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June, Sharing, and A Ride in the Convertible

Today is the first day of June, if you're
wondering what a summer day should
be, this would be it! Warm, sun shining
with a gentle breeze, a Sunday morning
you could do just about anything you
wanted, (now don't get carried away).
Up early here, sitting outside with coffee
and cereal. Morning sounds of doves
and geese. Husband Ron golfing early,
and I want to take my time. Just wanted
to watch, to listen, to feel my day getting
started. I will fertilize my flowers, roses,
hydranges, and ferns today. That will be
enough. Time for a walk, early yet but a
few neighbors are out and we are all
solo doing our own thing..kinda peaceful..
I won't disturb.                                                                           
There my garden work done, I'm sitting
on the porch swing waiting for Ron.
We are going out for a ride in the Bug,
(convertible, color-Mellow Yellow). No
destination, a Sunday drive, stop for
lunch, "catch the scenery" and talk
about the week coming up.
We've decided to have pizza and wine
in the screened in porch later tonight.

Remember this,
that very little is needed to
make a happy life.

 Thanks for stopping by.