Wednesday, June 1, 2016


No month is more anticipated. It brings us the big 3, summer, 
sunshine and school vacation. Husband Ron and I enjoyed
an evening bike ride last night and just puttered around our
yard. It's such a pleasure to be able to stay outside longer in
the evenings. How about a few more outdoor pictures.

And now for a REALLY BIG new beginning….drum roll please

We welcomed our grandson Ethan William, born May 26th at
9.1 lbs.

From this grandma, all I can say through the tears is, you 
are beautiful, and you have my heart.
Ok, just one more picture..

Then we had to tell Sam (the Pug)

Fortunately, he was with Ron and I. We gave him extra attention
and extra treats. He came around. Why he even told Mama and
her chicks…

They are best buds…Sam likes to kiss his ear.

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