Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Herb Happiness

It seems Sam (the Pug) and Mama and her chicks have
discovered the herb jar. Sam is drawn to the Lemon Balm.
He also like watermelon when it's very hot outside. What a
dog. But I digress. Herbs are the topic. I have 3 herb jars
that I keep on my back patio close to the kitchen. I wanted
the convenience and the simplicity.

Why do we like herbs so much. We use them for culinary 
seasoning, fragrance, in crafts, garden displays and healing.
They are also found in cosmetics, dyes and used as insect
repellents. Herbs have been around a long time. America's
early settlers brought their herb culture from Europe and
the American Indian also shared many new herbs to them.
We read of herbal use in Biblical times and throughout the
Far East.

Here's what I'm growing. They make for a beautiful display.

Here's what I know…cooking with herbs enhance and highlight 
the flavor of foods…fresh herbs will cut your grocery bill. They 
are expensive to buy and won't keep long. Why buy an herbal
butter when you can prepare your own. Make a marinade, make
a salad dressing…cut your herbs frequently, the more you cut,
the more they will continue to grow. Cut above a bud or sprout…
you can grow them anywhere, in a jar or coffee can, in a basket,
window box, or flower pot. They just need water, and fertilize 
when first planted…buy small potted herbs to transplant, they
are easier and give instant rewards...they will grow continually
throughout the summer and fall so share the wealth….

"As for rosemary, I let it run all over my
garden walls, not only because my bees love 
it but because it is the herb sacred to 
remembrance and friendship…"
-Sir Thomas More (1478-1535)

From me and my chives,
thanks for stopping by.

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