Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer's A Bloommin'

Summer Solstice happened June 20th. We appreciated the
longest day of the year. It was hot, sun shining but big
white clouds helped us out. Summer means hot and humid.  
Vacations will be happening, there will be ball games to watch,
cookouts, and visits to the swimming pools. Ice cream cones,
watermelons, and fresh fruit pies are delicious summertime
treats. For me the best time of a hot summer day is early 
evening. The sun has loosened its grip. It's a great time for
a walk, a bike ride, or enjoying the porch swing. Neighbors 
are out.. evening gardeners, kids playing ball and 
friends chatting over the fence... hello summer.

"It's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine..
…it's summertime!"
                           -author unknown

Oh yes, Sam has his spot. And he's invited Mama and her chicks.

Harvested cherry tomatoes from my container experiment. 
Variety is Chocolate Sprinkles. They are dark red with 
green stripes. Not as sweet as grape cherries but a robust 
taste. This plant is really producing. Delicious.

Completed another fairy garden.  The little girls from next door
love to come and take a peek.

Word of the day: POLLINATOR
Noun. Meaning an agent or (vector) that moves pollen from the
male anthers of  a flower to the female stigma of a flower to 
accomplish fertilization. (from Wikipedia).  Pollinators include
bees, butterflies, bats and birds. These pollinators help plants
reproduce. They are important to our ecosystem. A lot of the 
food we eat and flowers and plants we enjoy are possible
because of the pollinators.
This is National Pollinator Week. Become aware of what this
means as a home gardener, when you landscape your yard,
and the chemicals and pesticides you may be using. An easy
help would be to plant pollinator-friendly flowers that are
native to your area. Be a part of the community effort for
land conservation that support community gardens, green
spaces and wildlife habitat. 

Watch for all our garden friends.

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  1. Very nice summer posting. Always enjoy Sam visiting photo. Love how your name letters look!