Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pause and Reflect

We've come to the end of  June. It's thyme to take a moment.
How about just enjoy where we are right now. I've been so
caught up in my daily chores of watering, mowing, pruning,
and garden maintenance that I'm forgetting to pause and
notice the beauty of my garden.


A Flower Does Not Think Of Competing
With The Flower Next To It. It Just Blooms.

Such a moment caught me yesterday when I was in a
rush to finish my watering duties. I was spraying the
herbs and the heady scent of rosemary and mint caught
my attention. It was intoxicating. I leaned into the herb
jar and lemon thyme and lavender were the next 
delightful scents. I immediately felt happy. 
I thought later that I needed some real garden thyme
among my flowers. I began by cutting some blooms
for inside and then harvesting some herbs.


It's just as important to notice our nature friends.
It's very satisfying watching the hummingbirds at the
feeders, the frogs hiding out among the tall plants, and
all the beautiful butterflies among the flowers. 

The Sun Shines Bright, My Garden
Is A Delight.

Our gardens and our flowers offer much if we take 
the thyme to enjoy them.

How about a little red, white and blue for the 4th of
July. Highlight those colors, be sure to add some flags.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday. 
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