Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Out And About In The Garden

Spring has certainly passed us by. We've jumped into summer 
with the heat and humidity. I was even thinking we needed some 
rain as the yards were beginning to look a little dry. I'm needing 
to water my container plants daily and with the winds, twice daily. 

Ok when you garden and landscape there are always chores. But, 
I'm sure there was about a week, well maybe just a few days when
I could just admire what was accomplished in our yard. Everything
seem to be under control. Let's take a peek before we look at that
to do list.

Miss Garden Lady looking so fine and has even plucked a flower 
or two to tuck in her pocket along with her packet of seeds.

Sam has found a shady spot under the rose and clematis arbor.

And then helped Ron harvest radishes from the garden.

Visited neighbor Tom's great looking garden.

Mama and her chicks and Sam found a moment to pay a tribute to
our flag.

Alright enough pleasant wanderings…about that list. When it's
June it's all about weeding, deheading and watering. There are
also sticks and leaves falling from the trees and grass keeps 
growing, so cleanup and mowing takes priority. Some harvesting 
will be happening and picking some of the blooming annuals and 
perennials is a pleasant task. Feed your container plants on a 
schedule and you can still sow more carrots and radishes, salad 
greens, and bush beans. How are your tomato plants doing? 
Remember to stake and prune those sucker branches. Roses too 
can be given a cleanup with some deadheading and cleanup of the 
petals. Be sure to watch for insect infestation on your blooms and 
react specific to the plant. Lilacs need to be pruned now if you 
haven't as yet. Turn over the mulch as you're cleaning up, makes 
the beds look very neat and tidy. When you mow don't bag the
clippings. Let them lie on the grass to return nitrogen to the soil.

Ok enough chores, you've got your to-dos. One more picture,
then enjoy your summer. Cocktails  or a beer on the porch, 
to the pool or vacation…go on!!

A great container plant. Bat Face (Cuphea).

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